3iga Portfolio

Designing a portfolio zine has been a routine for me as a graphic designer as I started making my first zine in 2011. It was an unusual thing to do back home in Malaysia and I began my design career as a print-based graphic designer.

My curiosity for design has grown stronger and one of my first tasks was to make a zine mockup. I wanted to share my design experience to everyone and hence, publishing a print medium was the right direction.

3iga or Tiga (means three in Malay) is a reflection of my 3rd folio zine that I have designed so far. It is also reflecting on my roots as a Malaysian with Malay being one of the languages that I speak. 3iga showcases three brand speculation projects; an experimental type specimen, an essay publication and a visual language for an existing company.


3iga is printed on 100gsm Tudor RP  and saddle-stitch bound.

© 2019 Designed by  Rubinden. Made in Footscray, Victoria.


  • Rubinden Kumar
  • Rubinden Kumar