Columns & Grids

Column and grid are the basic fundamentals and a basic structure in design, especially in publications. 

A collective of 38 essays written by the designers of RMIT's Master of Communication Design on critiquing 3 selected books from their own collection. It focuses on books' layout unique measurement of margin, the number of columns and the choice of typefaces.


Columns & Grids is designed by having a 12mm top margin, 12.7mm bottom margin, 20mm inside margin and 22.6mm outside margin. As for the column, Columns & Grids is designed on 6 columns grid with 4mm gutters. This publication is measured at 152.4mm x 228.6mm.


Columns & Grids is printed on 80gsm Bulky News with 300gsm Envirocare for the cover. Dust jacket is printed on 100gsm tracing paper and perfect bound.

© 2019 Designed by  Rubinden. Made in Footscray, Victoria.


  • Rubinden Kumar
  • Rubinden Kumar