Johnston St. Vet Clinic

Johnston Street Vet Clinic (JSVC)  is a vet clinic located in Fitzroy, Victoria. Being a unique vet clinic, JSVC prioritises animal wellbeing and also looking to build a community for pet lovers in the heart of Melbourne. JSVC is also a brand of its own as being a modern, playful, and most importantly, welcoming. With the new identity of JSVC, it will help to gather all pet lovers as a family and share their love for pets. At JSVC, we pamper, we play, we care.

A vet clinic identity needs to be eye catchy by people who are in the distance. Being an "island" of its own with its unique "petrol station" building, it portrays the character of a modern vet clinic. Using geometry shapes to craft pet's anatomies and harmony colour palettes carry the uniqueness of a vet clinic and reflecting a caring personality as JSVC's main vision and creating it as a brand system.

This project was a part of the brief in conjunction with the RMIT Master of Communication Design Studio & The Company You Keep.


© 2019 Designed by  Rubinden. Made in Footscray, Victoria.


  • Rubinden Kumar
  • Rubinden Kumar