Program Records

Program Records is a new vinyl pressing company that is looking to establish itself in the heart of Melbourne.
It is one of the vinyl pressing company that uses an advanced computerised vinyl pressing technology that allows faster delivery.
As a new company, Program Records' mission is to provide clear and sharper vinyl audio quality and quality vinyl pressing.
Program Records also believes in providing customization based on the specifications given by the collectors.


Visioning Program Records as a company that values vinyl and the craftsmanship of vinyl pressing, it develops a back to the past of groovin' days. Being established in the digital era with giving a good modern yer retro looking identity, it adds value to Program Records as the brand speaks itself and not to be viewed as a typical vinyl processing company.

This project was a part of the brief in conjunction with the RMIT Master of Communication Design Studio & Program Records.


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  • Rubinden Kumar
  • Rubinden Kumar