Suggest me a holiday destination

The phrase “Google” has become our daily word when we are doing our search, finding a review for a good restaurant or cafes. We also use Google to do our daily Wiki search, YouTube videos for tutorials and vlogs and also “visiting” a different side of the world using Google Maps or Google Streetview before making a decision to travel. But each of these services has its cons which are it has its limitations as it is an imperfect service.

Travelling the world has been in my bucket list since I completed my bachelors in Malaysia and the idea of travelling impromptu is fun as to see the world differently.


With embracing its imperfection and fun, I created Google form to suggest me a holiday destination and with the information given, I use Google search and use the first suggested link which became the content of the book.

Suggest me a holiday destination is printed with Lulu, a print-on-demand service.

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  • Rubinden Kumar
  • Rubinden Kumar