Visit Malaysia 2020

In January 2018, the Tourism board of Malaysia held a press conference in Chiang Mai, Thailand to launch the Visit Malaysia 2020 logo. After hours from its launch, many Malaysian netizens expressed their frustration and disappointment. They were not expecting the logo's craftsmanship; as it looked backdated, immature and it does not clearly reflect as Malaysia.


Malaysia is well-known for its diversity of cultures, flora and fauna and the richness of art and crafts of the 14 nations. Malaysia also embraces the traditional roots of welcoming their international guest to experience the multicultural of Malaysia.


Hence, the concept of an open door for the new Visit Malaysia 2020 was born. The idea was inspired by Malaysiaʼs open house culture as we traditionally welcome family and friends to the house and experience its cultural roots. With that, Malaysia is ready to open its doors to our extended guests to experience the true beauty of Malaysia.

The concept of Visit Malaysia 2020 went viral on Facebook and it was featured on Rojak Daily’s What Do Creative Professionals Think About The ‘Visit Malaysia 2020’ Logo? 

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  • Rubinden Kumar
  • Rubinden Kumar